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You can find us
beside Roma Hotel, Hadoba, Sheraton str.,
Hurghada, Red Sea
or by phone numbers:

Abdul +20 100 0086617
Olga +20 100 4544832

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About Us

YALLA DIVE is the owner and the operator of the safari boat  MY NIMAR that is now operating from September, 2012.


As well we are operator for boats of best fleets of Red Sea working for international marketing more then for 5 years.
Our boats are guided and supervised by a professional team of egyptain crew and English, German, Spanish,  Italian  
speaking dive-guides and instructors.

We have made it to our business to meet the requirements and the expectations of our guests needs.

We feel confirmed in our ideas and aims by the positive response of our guests.
For fair comments, we are always grateful, because it gives us the opportunity for reflection and development.

Enjoy with us one of the most beautiful adventures in the Red Sea!

Explore famous known wrecks and reefs in a country filled with magnificent history!

Beautiful reefs with their amazing colors during day and night dives and their shapes are waiting to be explored by you.
Enjoy with our experienced dive guides outstanding adventures, which you have never before dreamt of. A dive safari into
the endless big blue of the Red Sea with all its highlights.

Our professional team is looking forward to assisting you!