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North safari

The North Safari takes in some of the most famous shipwrecks in the Red Sea, as well as the famous Ras Mohammed marine park, with it's dreamlike diving spots. Two of the reefs we aim to dive are Shark Reef and Jolanda Reef. Both reefs stand on a plateau which are 20 metres deep with the edges of the plateau dropping down to more than 200 metres. The reefs offer beautiful soft corals and a multitude of fish. On your early morning dive you may also see sharks. The Jolanda Reef also offers you the chance to dive the cargo of the Cypriot freighter "Jolanda" which ran aground in 1980 carrying hundreds of household toilets! The "Thistlegorm" is probably the most famous wreck in the Red Sea. The British ship was on the way to Egypt to bring military equipment of all kinds for the British troops in North Africa.

On 6th October 1941 two German bombs struck the Thistlegorm just aft of the bridge. Nine of the crew died and the survivors were picked up by HMS Carlisle, which was anchored nearby. Ten minutes after the attack there was a huge explosion and the Thistlegorm quickly sank from sight. Now the wreck is lying upright on the sea bottom at 30 metres. Especially of interest is the cargo which includes tanks, trucks, motorcycles, rifles, railway carriage and one railway engine. The North Safari will also take in the wrecks of Abu Nuhas - Giannis D, Carnatic, Chrisoula K, Kimon. Abu Nuhas is known as the Ship's Graveyard and literally means "the reef of brass". The reef lies close to the shipping lanes and the approach to the Suez Canal, and has claimed more ships than any other in the Red Sea. Leaving from Hurghada, we aim to dive all the wrecks in the area including El Minya, an Egyptian mine sweeper lying just outside Hurghada's harbour; Suzanna, a small pleasure yacht; the Patrol Boat at Umm Gamar; the Carnatic; Chrisoula K; Seastar and Giannis D at Abu Nuhas; the Barke; the Ulysses and laying on the north side of Gubal Island. Then there's the Rosalie Moller; the Kingston (Sarah H, sunk in1881) and laying at Shag Rock; the Carina (sunk in 1926) and laying close to Shab Ali and, of course, the most famous wreck in the Red Sea the Thistlegorm, which lies at Shab Ali.